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Understanding your Gilroy era Indian Power Plus Motor


If you have a Gilroy era Chief Powerplus Indian motorcycle, or are thinking about buying one, there are a few things you probably want to be aware of.


1) Pinion Shaft Insert Loose


Know who cast your case. Early Falco and Mansfield cases can have problems, primarily due to the steel insert on the pinion shaft side not being properly pre-heated. In many cases with only a few hundred miles these inserts can be turned by hand, which can easily put the entire flywheel assembly out of alignment, forcing it to oscillate instead of rotate smoothly, which puts large shear forces on the pinion shaft and which can break it clean through in sudden catastrophic failure with little warning. This is not an uncommon problem. We recommend rebuilding any every Falco case and performing a tri-lobe to remove and replace the insert


































































































2) Flywheels


Early Gilroy Chief Powerplus flywheels were not finished properly and had soft surfaces, they also had thier tapers incorrectly ground, reducing the interference fit, and making it easy for the flywheels to go out of alignment. Flywheels clearly marked with an "ARG" (made in Argentina) are good, flywheels without that mark we recommend replacing.


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