All new, made in America with American components. Machined from raw castings, assembled and tested in house

Restore your Gilroy era Power Plus to Better than New!


Crazy Horse Motorcycle's Rebuild program will bring your engine to a better than new status, replacing the steel inserts with a machined trilobe insert. 

- Pinion Shaft Bearing Steel Sleeve Removed and Trilobe Insert Created
Early Powerplus motors did not have the pinion shaft side steel sleeves properly pre-heated before casting, this caused poor mechanical bonding to the steel and the inserts can rotate (sometimes by hand!) inside the casting, this causes the pinion bearing to rotate out of alignment which can put huge stresses on the pinion shaft. We've seen some get sheared clean through.  Crazy Horse Motorcycles will use a precision CNC to bore out the faulty insert, open a larger hole and insert a large steel insert which is then bored out as a new steel sleeve. The triangular insert can not turn inside the case.


- Flywheels Replaced

Early Powerplus flywheels were not properly hardened and the tapers for the crank-pins were ground at the wrong angle, reducing the interference fit and making it extremely easy for the flywheels to come out of alignment. We replace them with the newer properly made flywheels.


- Case Replaced (if Necessary)

Crazy Horse motorcycles manufactures brand new cases in house, and offer the option of completely replacing your slipping pinion shaft sleeve early generation case with a much higher quality precision machined case.  These will be branded as Crazy Horse V-Plus motors, guaranteeing high quality.


- Oil Pump T.I.B.
The oil pump is modified to reflect a true internal by-pass, improving performance and lubrication.


- Rebuilds typically see the following parts also replaced with new components

Connecting Rods, Pistons, Lifters, Pinion Shaft and Output Shaft, Crank Pin, Crank Pin bearings, All gaskets and seals, bolts, Pistons, Valve Guides and seals. All tolerances are checked and parts shimmed if necessary. Engines are run on a test stand before going out.


- Trade Ins available

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Rebuilds start at TBD

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