All new, made in America with American components. Machined from raw castings, assembled and tested in house

$250 for the pair, Call to order 253-872-3602

Fits ALL Gilroy produced Indians that have the flush mounted locking (keyed) caps


- No struggling with keys

- No water puddles around the bottom edge, so no gas contamination

- Installs in minutes with just an Allen wrench (supplied)

- Not permanent, removable

- No welding or machining required


A great solution for the keyed gas caps on the 2002-2004 Gilroy Indian Chiefs as well as the 2001-2003 Gilroy Scouts and Spirits.


The adapter plate is placed in the tank and the caps are threaded into the adapter. Installs in minutes with just an Allen wrench (supplied) and are not permanent and can be instantly removed but once installed it remains securely in place.


The paint saver design prevents water puddles around the bottom edge so there is no gas contamination and no more frozen caps.  Easily removed with gloves on but still low profile. The caps are available  in either an anodized finish or chrome.


See the quick and easy Gas Cap installation on Youtube


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